Exclusive Search

Find Exclusive Commercial Real Estate

Colonial Realty provides a comprehensive commercial real estate search. Including services such as programming, site selection, construction, move-in, and follow up, Colonial Realty covers your transaction from start to finish.

Our exclusive search service has grown rapidly over the years. This wide-ranging service is tailored to fit the needs of each individual client. Searches begins with an assessment of client needs and continues through move-in and the resolution of all outstanding construction issues.

Similar to traditional owner representation, Colonial Realty’s commitment and personal involvement extends to every aspect of the search process.

our Exclusive Search Process Includes…


Assessing client needs and defining goals.

Define Project

Define project parameters location, facility, financial and more.


Create a schedule of individual project requirement.


Compile a list of alternatives for just-in-case scenarios.


Analysis of different alternative and ranking accordingly.

Selection process

Visiting properties, pulling demographics and making phone calls.


Write contracts, negotiation, and closing of deals.


Monitoring progress of legal instruments.


Monitoring progress of construction and improvements.


Monitor move-in progress and make recommendations as needed.


Monitor follow-up issues – construction, additional space requirement.